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Would you like to have your own flock of sheep? At Icelandics North, we sell Icelandic sheep to breeders. Our Bridgewater, Maine property is home to some of the world’s highest-quality sheep. We care about our flock, and only pursue ethical shepherding practices.

Icelandics North sheep are free of footrot and ovine progressive pneumonia. We are active members of Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America, and we’re listed with the Maine Sheep Breeders Association.

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About Icelandics North

Welcome to the homepage of Icelandics North---home of high quality registered purebred Icelandic sheep, one the the most hardy and useful breeds of sheep in the world today. This highly intelligent, interactive breed is known for its colorful wool, tender fine flavored meat, easy lambing, fast growth, and excellent dairy capabilities. Since 1998, Icelandics North has been one of a select handful of breeders specializing in offering among the very finest of the Icelandic breed available in North America.

Our shepherd was trained in Iceland in the Icelandic method of evaluating for the finest examples of this breed, and at times have used semen from Iceland’s finest rams in a state of the art vaginal artificial insemination procedure developed by research scientist and veterinarian Thorstein Olafsson, PHD. The occasional use of this revolutionary insemination procedure coupled with the application of precise evaluation and selection methods employing ultrasound technology has given our shepherd the distinction of having produced and Icelandic ram with the greatest statistical measurements recorded anywhere in the world within the last 14 years (SEE TOLKIS’ MEASUREMENTS) as well as a ewe that seems to have the only known “perfect 20” leg score, the highest assessment of leg muscling attainable (and never before seen) under the Icelandic scoring system, TULIGIRL. 

We at Icelandics North are specifically striving to develop and produce animals with the most perfect body conformations and muscling genetically possible with this breed. Here at Icelandics North we breed for world class meat conformation and heavy muscling with as little fat layering as possible, but without ignoring wool quality, mothering skills, milking ability, with acceptable temperament. Feel free to contact us at our email address garyjh@twc.com or call us at (207) 768-7113 or (207) 425-7113.

Why Icelandic sheep?

ICELANDICS NORTH is one of two farms that remain out of the original nine farms that were trained in the early 2000’s to use the revolutionary new vaginal artificial insemination process. We believe this breed is one of the finest in the world, and with the dawn of new artificial insemination technology, bringing the finest to you has never been easier! Icelandic sheep:

  • Are highly intelligent and interactive
  • Produce colorful wool
  • Grow quickly
  • Produce lean, flavorful meat
  • Produce large quantities of dairy

Whether you are already a breeder, or want to start up “from scratch," contact ICELANDICS NORTH to get started.

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