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Faith. Twins, one
moorit/grey ewelamb,
SOLD), and a black grey
ramlamb (died via older
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2016 Pre-Lambing
Reservation List
2017 Breeding Ewes
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2016 Pre-Lambing
Reservation List
Tuligirl/Green Ears.
The one lamb will be
retained by Icelandics
Lamb due 5/30, but
was 5 days early.
Throttle. The
ramlamb is
Faith's superb fleece genetics are
certainly being expressed in her
lamb!! Her wool is truly prize
plus an
excellent conformation to boot!
A single ramlamb ("Angus Maximus") was born, and it will be retained
here at Icelandics North to be a factor in our efforts to develop the
"meatier Icelandic." His shoulders are very wide, his hips are even wider.
If his musculature develops the way his bone structure would seem to
imply, he could be quite an exceptional ram!  We shall see!  
Read about
his dam Tuligirl's exceptional muscling!
Twin rams were born, but the bigger one (9+ lbs.), died in the birth canal.
This very active moorit/grey ramlamb was up and feeding in about three
minutes! He is developing well, w/ good muscling and square conformation.
Calm personality, and excellent horning.
Tyrgirl's ramlamb at 8 weeks
Tyrgirl's ramlamb at two weeks
Faith's ewelamb "Ruby" at
11weeks. $1,000.