"Black-eyed Susan." #689772-H. Black spotted, horned, twin. 50% AI, with 18 AI
ancestors, among whom are
Peli, Naggur, Thettir, Stubbur, Dropi, Nokkvi, Keli,
Flotti, Butur, Ari, Kokkur, Hnykkur, Haengur, Garpur, Grani, Hunn, Mjaldur, & Moli.
      A somewhat larger than normal ewe, (about 160 lbs. @ 3 years) who is an
exceptional milker with very good mothering skills and is very trusting and
affectionate with the shepherd.  Her lambs have always gained weight and muscle
very rapidly.
      She is well formed, & well balanced with regard to body part harmony, with all
the body parts being structured just how you would want them (wide and rounded  
shoulders, good chest, good back, decent neck, overall nice muscling)
      Her wool, as you would expect from a descendant of Peli, is very fine and there
is lots of it and she has passed that trait to every one of her lambs.
      Her parasite resistance is very good (Usually a FAMACHA #1 or #2).
      Bred to "Blocky," our black/grey ramlamb (named that way because he is very
low, broad and compact,  with excellent muscling).
      The lambs will probably be black, spotted, black grey, or spotted black/grey,
with 42% AI, and 23 AI ancestors (a few of them are: Peli, Thettir, Stubbur, Heli,
Tuli, Visir, Hnykill, Nokkvi, etc.)
      The 2017 lambs will be born about May 25th.  For her 2016 lamb, (twins born,
one died at birth) see
"Reservation List, P. 2".