2017 Breeding Ewes
       CASSIE (FAV 7B. #702807-H)  Moorit-grey, horned. Sire: "Danny" HRV-4U, Dam:
"Mocha," FAV 37Y.
28% AI with 12 AI sires in her background.
Grimur and Morro make the highest
percentage of AI presence, with Sveppur, Serkur, Stakkur, Stikill, Fengur, Hjorr,
Tuli, and others filling out the rest. See Cassie's pedigree
A large and well built ewe with good body harmony and proportions. Broad
shoulders well filled with muscle, rump has better than average muscling. Back is
straight and strong, with eyemuscle shape of 4. Thick neck transitions nicely into
her powerful and well rounded shoulders. Moderately wide chest with good depth.
Better than average leg muscling & crotch is nicely filled with muscle. Good feet,
very soft and plentiful wool. Very large, well curved horns. Calm personality, but
well able to
power away from you if she doesn't like what you are doing!
She was bred to "
Full Throttle" for her 2017 lambs. His conformation is a full
complement to hers and should produce very high quality lambs. The lambs will be
46% AI, and have 27 distinctly different AI sires in their background. They will likely
be homozygous black/grey or moorit/grey.  
For her 2016 lambs she was bred to
"Cato" (JWT 0023A) 30% AI with 12 AI sires in
his family tree, including Kari, Prestur, Biskup, Faldur, Stubbur, Horvi, Bruni, Sponn,
Morro, etc.).  
Cato was solid moorit. See his incredible horning on our 2016
Pre-lambing page or click on his name in blue.
The lambs from the Cassie/Cato breeding were 29% AI with 24 separate AI sires in
their background. Lambs were moorit and moorit/grey.
The lambs will be very consistent in quality due to the high number of excellent AI
Sires in their background, and will certainly have the potential for excellent
Why are many AI Sires in a lambs background a good thing?
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Cassie at two years
Cassie ewelamb "Peace"