2017 Breeding ewes
    TULIGIRL: NMI 570Z, 708322-H, heterozygous white, horned, twin. Sire:
LF-495Y, "Prince." Dam: LF 413X, "Big Ma." 45% AI, with 19 AI sires in her
family tree. The AI sires with the highest percentage of presence are:
Sjodur, Grimur
, with Tuli, Garpur, Mjaldur, Thettir, Flotti, Hunn, Keli, Pristur,
Krappur & several others making up the rest.
See Tuligirl's pedigree HERE.
    This ewe is INCREDIBLE!!! Never in all my life have I seen ANY ewe, of
ANY breed with the rear leg muscling that even comes close to Tuligirl.
opinion is that her leg muscling scores a perfect 20!!! (According to the
criteria the Icelanders use to evaluate.)  I visited some of the finest farms in
Iceland, and nowhere, on either ewe OR RAM have I seen muscling such as
this! Not in the semen stations, not on the finest Icelandic farms,
not even on
the pictures of the Texel rams in the popular sheep industry magazines!!!
Her chest is the broadest I have ever seen, as well as deep! Her back is long,
exceedingly broad and well muscled, with a perfect #5 eyemuscle shape.
    For 2017, I did an inbreeding of Tuligirl with one of her previous ramlambs
in order to dramatically increase the chances of getting a lamb that has all of
her best qualities as well as the best attributes of Green Ears, which, if
successful, could potentially produce a lamb with world class conformation
and muscling. That breeding was highly successful. (see
Charolais and
    The lambs are 50% AI, and have an amazing 31
different AI sires in their
family tree, which should certainly have substantially dealt with the inferior
allele problem I describe here...
"Why Many AI Sires is a Good Thing."
    Some of the AI sires that are found in the lamb's geneology are: Raftur,
Lodi, Bramli, Visir, Garpur, Hunn, Tuli, Butur, Kjalvar, Svadi, Laekur, Grimur,
Foli, Galsi, Pristur, Flotti, Sekkur, Hnykill, Horvi, and many generations of
other exceptional AI sires.
Lambs were born March 26th. The lambs are homozygous white.
Two of the
lambs are of world class quality...which has been confirmed by ultrasound
measuring of their eyemuscling and comparing their body measurements
against a compiled average of the finest ramlambs in Iceland which are being
used to improve Iceland's national flock. See
Charolais's statistics.
You may be interested in comparing Tuligirl to the superb ewes at the
Stora Armott farm in Iceland, she is their equal in every way, except
Tuligirl's rear leg muscling is much deeper and thicker.