"Blackiedottir" NMI-577A 708323-H Heterozygous white, carrying black, twin.  
Sire: LF-567Z "Thor." Dam: LF-428X,  "Blackie."
  53% AI...19 AI ancestors, the greatest percentages of which include
Visir, Sjodur,
Flotti, & Haengur,
with Kani, Dropi, Knokkvi, Thettir Svadi, Valur, and others
making up the rest.
  With such a heavy saturation of her DNA by so many generations of AI sires, this
very large ewe (about 180 lbs.) is an excellent example of conformation, balance &
muscling.  Wide, well rounded shoulders and wide rump, well filled with muscle.
Strong, straight back with thick muscling rating an ideal "5" in muscle shape. Note
how well filled the crotch area is beneath her tail.  Has a very thick and fine fleece.
 She was about 15 months old in the picture above.
 For her 2017 lambs, Blackiedottir was bred to "
Green Ears," a ram of particularly
excellent conformation, whose grandfather "Raftur" had among the highest meat
scores ever to come out of the Southram semen station in Iceland.
 The lambs will likely be homozygous white, but there is a chance for a black lamb.
 These lambs will be 53% AI, and will have 25 AI sires in their genealogy which
gives incredible potential for the excellence of balance/harmony of their body
parts. The lambs should have exceptionally heavy rump and leg muscling, and I
am expecting very thick back muscling with a low amount of fat, and excellent
horning as a bonus! Birthing due date is around May 21st.
 Of the 25 AI sires that will comprise the background of these lambs, the highest
percentage sires of these lambs will be: Lodi, Raftur, Grani, and Visir, all of which
are exceptionally famous for producing offspring with powerful, thick muscling.
 This same breeding (Blackidottir X Green Ears) in 2016 produced one of the most
perfectly balanced and most heavily muscled ramlambs ever to grace this farm.
Why is a great number of AI sires in an Icelandic sheep so desireable?
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2017 Pre-Lambing Reservation List