"Grace" NMI-961W  708321-H. Heterozygous white, horned, twin.
             Sire: "Eldarsson." LF-283U. Dam: "Pearl." AH 11T.
   42% AI. With 6 AI ancestors. The major one being
Eldar, with Bambi, Mjaldur,
Thettir, Stikill, & Blaevar rounding out the total. A very large, very long, and very
heavily muscled ewe (209 lbs. at 4 years of age!).
   Back is long and very broad...as broad as most AI rams, with perfect #5 score on
shape of loin eyemuscle with
very little fat. Rump is very heavily muscled.
Above average muscling in legs and area under tail is well filled in. Broad and well
rounded shoulders, moderately wide and moderately deep chest. Heavy, well
shaped horns.   Total volume of wool is less than usual, and of moderate fineness
with more tog and less thel than one would normally expect.
    Parasite resistance is high, usually rates a #1 or #2 Famacha score.
    A somewhat nervous and protective mother who has tripled more than half of her
pregnancies, though in 2015 had a single white ewelamb. A moderate milker.
    Her 2017 breeding was to
"Caesar."  Lambs will be born around May 15th, and be
48% AI with 25 different AI ancestors, the highest percentages of which will include
Eldar, Raftur, Grani, & Lodi, all known for their particularly heavy muscling.    Lambs
could be homozygous white carrying black, black spotted, or solid black, and are
likely to have particularly large and wide horning.
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2016 Pre-lambing Reservation List
2017 Pre-lambing Reservation List