2017 Breeding Ewes
Tyrgirl: 649436-H Moorit horned single. Sire TCE-290S. Dam Moxie, LF-314U.            
  53%AI, 19 AI sires (
Tyr, Leki, & Kani being the major ones, with Molur, Blaevar,
Hunn, Bambi, Laekur, Garpur, Butur, Svadi, Horvi, Stikill, Hjorr, Oddi, and a few
others making up the rest.)
  Another very large ewe (180+lbs.) with a well-balanced conformation and very
good muscling overall. Area under the tail well filled in, and a definite "belly" to her
thick leg muscling. Broad and well muscled rump. Broad back, loin eyemuscle
scores a near perfect 4 1/2 (out of a possible "5") in shape, wide and well rounded
shoulders, wide and deep chest.  Especially fine wool. Calm personality, good
mothering skills, and has always twinned, even as a one winter ewe.
Her lambs of the past have had excellent conformations and were well muscled
even though their growth rate was moderate, implying that Tyrgirl is not an
especially heavy milker, but she is adequate.
She is the most parasite resistant sheep in my flock, with a perpetual #1 FAMACHA
score. (Very dark red eyelids indicating a very high resistance to parasites).
Because of her extremely high resistance, she hasn't had to be wormed for two
years. The other major factor contributing to Tyrgirl's very low parasite count is my
pasture rotation schedule which allows 72 days to elapse before the sheep are
back into any particular pasture, allowing the existing parasites to hatch and die
off before the sheep return.
 For her 2017 lambs, she was bred to "Full Throttle," a grandson of Throttur. Lambs
will be 58% AI with 24 AI ancestors, the highest percentage of which will be  
Throttur, Tyr, Kani and Leki, and will be moorit or black, with the possibility of the
expression of the grey pattern.
The lambs will be born around May 20th. To see her 2017 lambs (triplets...one to
See Reservation List, P. 2)
2017 Pre-lambing Reservation List