"BLOCKY" #712904-H. Black-grey, horned twin. 34% AI, with 12 AI sires,
the two major sires being
Mjaldur and Visir, but which also included Ari,
Old Moli and his son Moli, Heli, Hnykill, Tuli, Hunn, Garpur, & Thettir.
Named "Blocky" because he is built unusually low to the ground, and is
broad and powerful like his grandfather Ragnar, who resided on this farm
for a while before I traded him for an Eldar son.
Like his grandfather, it appears that he will have full and nearly perfect
(#4.5) score for loin eyemuscle shape, and have a very broad and low
stance which usually predicts that the ram will be very well muscled
For the 2017 lambing season, Blocky was bred to
"Black eyed Susan"  in a
distant line breeding to try to preserve and unite the
Thettir/Mjaldur/Ragnar and Thettir/Naggur/Peli lines, and hopefully to pass
on her better than expected leg muscling to her lambs, which Blocky and
Susan's ancestor Thettir was famous for.   Thettir had an amazing 19 leg
score, which I believe only five other AI sires have been rated at in the last
25 years!
Tuligirl, the Icelandic ewe with the heaviest leg muscling I have
ever seen, (who is also a descendant of Thettir) looks like she may rate a
20 on the leg score! What do
you think? Email me with your opinion!     
The lambs from this pairing may have black spots around their eyes which
B.E. Susan has, as well as Blocky's dam Elsie. The lambs will have 17
different AI sires in their background for a 42% AI heritage.
Note: 9/26/17. I am especially pleased with the excellent conformations of
the lambs Blocky has sired this past lambing season.  All were very well
balanced and well proportioned individuals, with excellent meat
characteristics, great wool, as well as strong and correct horning as a
bonus! The goals for this breeding were all achieved, and the lambs are
staying here on the farm.
2017 Pre-Lambing Reservation List