2016 Breeding Rams
"CATO," JWT 0023A, #690940-H. Moorit, horned, triplet. 30% remains of
the AI genetics of his ancestors, with 12 AI Sires in his pedigree. The
three AI sires with the greatest presence are
Prestur, Ari, and Faldur, but
also include Kari, Sponn, Biskup (leaderram), Serkur, Stubbur, Horvi,
Morro, Bambi, and Bruni.
Cato resided at "Fence Row Farm" in Michigan, and is on this site because
he was paired with our ewe
"Cassie," whom we bought as a bred ewe, and
I thought you would enjoy seeing his spectacular horns.
Cato has a bit of "Leadersheep" influence in his family tree, which likely is
the contributing factor as to why this sheep is more slender and not as
heavily muscled as the other sheep on my farm, as the leadersheep
conformation is taller, more narrow and carries less muscle than the
normal icelandic; but one feature that can often be found with a
leadersheep is spectacular horning. Cato is not a leadersheep, and does
not exibit the tall leadersheep stature, but there seems to be a slight
influence nonetheless.
For 2016 lambs, Cato was bred to "
Cassie", a well built moorit ewe I
purchased from Martha Favre of Fence Row Farm. Due to Cato's genetic
influence, the lambs may be more slender than the other lambs to be born
at "Icelandics North" this spring, and I will need a couple years at least to
work more "beef" into their genetics, but I am looking forward to
developing some truly spectacular animals from this breeding in the future.
NOTE: 12/27/16...No need to "work any beef" into the conformation of the
ewelamb "Peace," a ewelamb born out of this breeding. She seems nicely
muscled...could eventually have better muscling than her dam, and seems
to be the lamb who inherited her sires fantastic horn genetics.