"Full Throttle." #712915-H, Black-grey, horned twin. 63% AI, 18 AI ancestors in
his extended (seven generation) family tree. Notable AI sires include: Throttur,
Spakur, Tyr, Laekur, Leki, Kjalvar, and Bjalki, Raftur, Bramli, Lodi, Hunn, Svadi, Heli,
among many others.
     Full Throttle's most recent AI sire,
Throttur (04-991), has a very thick neck, a
very broad chest, and a broad and well filled rump. His grandson, Full Throttle, as a
lamb seemed to promise a lighter conformation, but now at 20 months of age, Full
Throttle is surpassing my early expectations, displaying excellent attributes in his
muscling and body structure, and seems to equal (if not exceed) his grandsire in
many respects. He is definitely broad and low to the ground, which is used as a
reliable predictor of heavy muscling by the semen collection and evaluation
facilities in Iceland. His neck may be the thickest and most powerful I've ever seen!
      When still young, this ramlamb had full back muscling and excellent #4.5
eyemuscle scoring, rounded, broad, and well-muscled shoulders (not high shoulders
like Throttur), a well filled rump, and very well curved and beautifully formed horns.
      For 2017, he was bred to the
Tyrgirl who has 25% Tyr in her background, and
Full Throttle has 12 1/2%, so this breeding is sort of a "soft line breeding" for the
purpose of preserving and further strengthening Tyr's excellent physical
characteristics, which Tyrgirl as well as "Full Throttle" certainly display.      
     NOTE: Full Throttle's 2017 lambs were excellent!  Their backs were particularly
well structured and well muscled. Overall they were very well proportioned and very
consistent in quality with no irritating shortcomings, and will both remain here on
the farm!
"Full Throttle's" grandfather "Throttur"
"Full Throttle" at 17 Months
2017 Pre-Lambing Reservation List