2017 Breeding Rams
"Green Ears" at 3 months
  "Green Ears" KTB 702C (#718967-H). Heterozygous white, horned, single. 53% AI,
with 13 different AI sires over the span of seven generations, the major ones being:
Raftur, Grani, Lodi, but also includes Sekkur, Bramli, and Aboti, Gari, and Laekur,
among others.
 Green ears seems to be following in the footsteps of his grandfather Raftur, as he
displays unusual strength, muscling, and vigor.
 About his grandsire, Iceland's semen station catalog "Hrutaskra" said this
(paraphrased): 'One of the highest meat scores to ever come out of Southram
(southeast Iceland's semen collection facility). His offspring are exceptionally lean
and have great muscle thickness resulting in excellent meat grading. Superb back
muscling and excellent rump and leg muscling. Very vigorous ram. Raftur's
daughters have excellent milking abilities'
  Green Ears is long, and he is broad in chest and rump. His rump and legs appear
particularly well formed and muscular. It doesn't appear his back, shoulders and
neck will be quite as heavily muscled as his grandsire Raftur, but he will likely come
very close. Nonetheless, at 1 1/2 years, Green Ears weighed 200 lbs., and that was
essentially all muscle and almost no fat...he is
exceptionally  lean...what you see
and feel on him is
muscle, lending to an extremely powerful ram!
   He has an extremely thick wool coat, and one un-looked for bonus is that at this
point, he seems to have the finest wool in the entire flock!
   For 2017, we will give Green Ears somewhat of a break and only breed him to  
   The lambs out of Blackidottir/Green Ears will be 53% AI, with 25 different AI sires
in their background all lending their excellent genetic influence.
(Read: "Why So
Many AI Sires?)
   Blackidottir and Green Ears lambs will likely be either solid black or solid white
carrying black. **

**NOTE: In 2017, the pairing of Green Ears with Blackidottir resulted in ALL THREE  
lambs that were better than both their parents.  I study the genealogies of my
sheep, as well as sheep I am looking to buy,  in order to try to pair up animals that
will produce lambs that are more consistent, balanced, and of higher quality than
their parents.  
"Green Ears" Grandfather "Raftur" 05-966
"Green Ears" at 18 months
2017 Pre-lambing Reservation List
Green Ears at 16 months