2018 Breeding Ewes
  "Dierdre" (ICE 11D) #720108, black/grey single. Sire: KTB 606B "Pi." Dam: FAV 23A, "Ulle."
Dierdre is the granddaughter of Kind Horn Farms most muscular ewe "Gossie" (KTB 302Y). 56%
AI. Fourteen AI sires in her background, with
Blettur and Dropi having the highest proportion,
and Kveikur, Udi, Grimur, Rektor, Morro, Molur, Stubbur, Dreitill, Kari and a couple others
(which are among Iceland's most exceptional heavy muscled rams).
  See Dierdre's pedigree
  With such an exemplary ancestry of heavy muscled sires in her past, one could expect this
ewe to be unusual in her development, and sure enough, it looks like at just 18 months of age,
she rates among the best five ewes with the heaviest muscling ever at
Icelandics North.
  When I took her measurements like I was taught in 2003 while attending the Vaginal AI
seminar in Iceland, as is the case with many of my ewes; I found that Dierdre equalled or
outclassed the  measurements of the typical AI Sire that is used in the semen collection
centers of Iceland when
they were measured as lambs. Now at 18 months of age she has been
measured and her back muscling has been subjected to ultrasound testing just like the rams at
the semen collection facilities of Iceland, and I can report that like our ewe Tuligirl, and like
"Puffin" another of our ewes from the past out of Rektor, she exceeds the measurements where
it counts the most; even surpassing the very most muscular of Iceland's finest
rams used to
improve Iceland's own national herd! (That is by the way, the overriding goal with my flock, to
produce world-class quality exceptionally muscled animals.)
   For your information and ability to compare Dierdre to Iceland's best rams, I have reproduced
the results of my study done to find what the measurements would be of the
average AI sire
when the statistics of all the horned rams of the previous five years were all averaged together.
(See results below.)

  Statistics (averaged together) of Iceland's finest horned rams at 18 months of age:
Pungi        Brjm         Spjald               Fotl                Omv/       fita/        lag
(weight)     (chest)   (back broad)   (canon bone)     (eyemus.)/(backfat)/(eyemuscle shape)
86.06Kg  105.2cm   25.2cm       117.5mm         36mm /    5mm  /    4

At 18 months, Dierdre's statistics are as follows:
Pungi        Brjm         Spjald               Fotl                Omv/       fita/        lag
(weight)     (chest)   (back broad)   (canon bone)     (eyemus.)/(backfat)/(eyemuscle shape)
69.91Kg  108.5cm   23cm              ?                 40/41mm /    4mm  /    5
(154 lbs.)

With these statistics one can see that Dierdre is one of the best of the Icelandic breed
in the world today, outclassing even the best rams held in the semen collection
facilities in Iceland
, and for her 2018 lambs, she was bred to what looks to be the
most muscular Icelandic ram in the world!!! (
See "Charolais.") Birth due date, 5/07/18.

     (Also see my web page "Evaluation Stats."  The average statistics of AI Sires as 18 month
old adults as well as
ramlambs is also published near the bottom of page 1.)
Her growth rate was very rapid as a young lamb. She then as now certainly displays muscle fullness and
superb conformational characteristics to an unusual degree!
It also appears she inherited the high quality, incredible volume, and fine wool of her maternal
grandmother Sienna (FAV 20X, #651894) out of Fence Row Farm in Michigan, who was the
Champion Icelandic Ewe at the 2010 Michigan Fiber Festival, as well as the Reserve Champion
Ewe at the 2010 Isbona National Icelandic Sheep Show.                
     I bred her to "Charolais" for her 2018 lambs which will be 52% AI and have an incredible 44
different AI sires in their background. The lambs out of this pairing have the potential to be
among the very best if not THE best of this breed found anywhere in the world today. (see
Charolais). Why is the great number of AI sires in the background of these lambs such an
exciting and beneficial thing?
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Dierdre at 3 months
Dierdre's leg muscling at
13 months