2017 Breeding Ewes
"Peace" NMI-865D, (CLRC # 727753) Moorit Grey, Twin.  Dam: Cassie, FAV
7B. Sire:
Cato. JWT-23A.
32% of the AI genetics remain of the 22 different AI sires that are in her
Prestur and Morro are the AI sires with the greatest
"presence" in her family tree.
See pedigree here.
    Her geneology also contains a great number of rare and unusual AI
sires  such as: Austri, Ari, Bruni, Biskup, Fengur, Faldur, Heli, Horvi,
Mjaldur, Kari, Stakkur, & Sveppur, as well many others.
    With such a number of AI sires in her background, if bred to a broad
and muscular ram you could expect a pretty good level of muscling and
consistency in the conformations of her lambs.
    She has inherited a calm personality, soft wool, and exceptional
horning genetics from many of her AI ancestors. Her bone structure at this
point implies that Peace will likely be a large ewe when mature. Her hips,
chest, loin, and shoulders are all very broad and well muscled. Her
measurements at 5 months of age are so good in fact, she rates up with
the measurement average of most of Iceland's AI Sires when they were
measured as ramlambs. (In Iceland, ramlambs are typically measured at 4
1/2 to 5 1/2 months of age.)
    I will probably breed her to "
Caesar" whose measurements, even at this
point as a ramlamb, are exceptional, and of course, if her lambs inherit the
horning genetics of Peace's sire
Cato as well as the horning genetics of
Caesar,  the result could be quite a spectacular animal! But not only
that...The immense number of AI sires that would be in the family history
of any lamb resulting from this particular breeding is astounding!!  
completely different
AI sires would be in their background!!  Not all of
them would have been the "muscle men" of their day, but nonetheless, to
be selected as an AI sire means that animal had something to make it
desirable for use by the semen stations of Iceland for one reason or
another. Hence, whether her lambs showed exceptional muscling or not,
the huge amount of excellent genetics all exerting their influence
make for some animals with superbly balanced conformations!!  We'll see!
Why is many AI sires a very good thing?
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"Peace" at 18 months