2017 Breeding Rams
  "ANGUS MAXIMUS," #NMI-61D. (CLRC# 727750) Homozygous
white, Single. Sire;
"Green Ears," Dam; "Tuligirl."
50% AI, with 30 AI sires in his family tree, including Tuli, Foli,
Galsi, Mjaldur, Horvi, Bramli, Laekur, Prudur {94-834}, Aboti, and
many others, with
Raftur, Grani, Lodi, and Visir making up the
biggest percentage.
See Angus's pedigree here.
  Named "Angus Maximus" because he was so broad, deep, and
well rounded at birth.
  His growth rate as a lamb was exceptional.
  His neck is short and thick, his shoulders are broad and rounded,
not peaked. His chest & back are broad, his hips are exceptionally
broad, and he is very heavily muscled. His back muscling rates a
perfect "5" in shape and seems especially thickly muscled with
very little fat like his sire.         When he is scored at 1 1/2 years of
age, using ultrasound and the same criteria as the Icelanders use, I
suspect his back may rate a perfect "10" score, which denotes
2mm of fat, 40mm eyemuscle (loin muscle) thickness, and a score
of "5" in shape...we shall see!
[Well, I was wrong!! Angus's
muscling was
better than I thought!  He suffered an eye injury and
had to be put down at 8 months of age, so I thought I'd see what
his loin eye muscling really measured, which you can see in the
picture below. His eye muscle thickness at
8 months was better
than most of the
very best of the best sires in the AI semen
collection facilities in Iceland when measured at
18 months!!  The
Icelandic agricultural department purchases the best of the breed
in order to farm their semen for distribution to farms throughout
Iceland in order to improve the national flock. So for Angus to
outclass THEM is truly an accomplishment! The average loin eye
muscle thickness of 18 month old rams in the semen collection
facilities of Iceland is 36 mm
, while Angus' was 40mm@ 8months!]
   One place where one would expect to find a fair layering of fat is
the chest, but Angus's chest is rock hard with muscle, which
follows the characteristic of the Raftur line whose hallmark is
exceptional leanness.
(Very low fat content or very thin fat layer.)
    He should provide exceptionally muscled offspring.
[Indeed, his
offspring displayed truly world class muscling. See
  Apparently he has not inherited his mother's incredible leg
muscling to the degree that she possesses (see her picture below),
however his leg muscling is very definitely thicker and deeper than
the norm, and his muscling will continue to develop as he matures.
    Like his sire, his wool is very thick and fine, but UNLIKE his
sire, his personality is very calm and compliant.
  I will likely breed him to a ewe that has had birthing experience,
rather than a ewelamb, as I want to minimize the possibility of
birthing issues due to his exceptionally broad and deep
NOTE: I bred Angus to his dam, see his lambs. Angus is no longer
with us.
The amazing and possibly unequaled leg
muscling of Angus' dam,