2017 Breeding Rams
    "Caesar" NMI-868D, (CLRC# 727749) Heterozygous white, carrying
black, twin. Sire,
"Green Ears," Dam, "Blackidottir."
     53% AI, with 23 different AI sires in his geneology. The four AI sires
with the greatest percentage of presence are
Raftur, Grani, Lodi, and Visir
with Sjodur, Dropi, Nokkvi, Hunn, Heli, Keli, Hnykill, Bramli, Sekkur,Laekur,
Flotti, Aboti, Pristur, and others making up the rest.
     At 5 months of age, I gave him a quick examination, and was quite
amazed as he was a beautifully proportioned, very well balanced ramlamb,
far better than I had expected, (and my expectations were high.) So then I
got out the measuring tape and measured him according to the procedures
I was taught in Iceland a couple decades ago, comparing him to the
average measurements of Iceland's resident AI sires when they were
ramlambs and received a pleasant surprise! Caesar's measurements
compared very favorably, and in some respects substantially exceeded the
average AI sire's stats in body structure when they would have been
measured as a lamb.           
        Calm, quiet and dignified personality, very broad conformation,
exceedingly well muscled, heavy fine fleece, and excellent horns! His back
muscling (known as the "eye muscle") scores a perfect "5" in shape, with
very little backfat. His well-rounded shoulders are very broad; he has a
broad, rounded and well muscled rump, fast growth rate, and the thickest  
leg muscling on an Icelandic ramlamb of this age that I have ever seen!
Who knows...he may be the one who inherited Tuligirls leg muscle genetics
through an unexpected common ancestor! I have seen genetic
characteristics repeated from previous animals several generations back.
         I must say, all things considered, this is possibly the most perfect
and well balanced ramlamb ever to grace this farm!  He is definitely better
than both of his excellent parents, and remember...I was trained in Iceland
in evaluating these sheep...I have seen and handled some of the world's
He will be bred to
Deirdre, and Peace to get an early idea as to just how
good his lambs will be...they should be exceptional!
NOTE: There was no pregnancy with Dierdre, Peace had twins.
Caesar at 4 1/2 months
Caesar at 9 months