2017 Pre-lambing Reservation list
Black-eyed Susan/
Lambs will be 42% AI,
and have 19 AI sires in
their pedigree,
Peli, Naggur, Thettir,
Stubbur, Dropi, Flotti,
Ari, Moli, Heli, Tuli,
Visir, Hnykill, Nokkvi,
and many others.
Due Date: 5/05/2017
Tuligirl/Angus. This is an
inbreeding intended to lock in the
best leg, back & shoulder muscle
genetics out of the exceptional Visir
and Raftur lines, hoping that at least
one of the lambs will inherit all of
those characteristics. Tuligirl is not
lacking in any aspect, and Angus is
especially strong in his rump and leg
muscling in particular. (See Tuligirls
amazing leg muscling
Triplets (2 ramlambs and one
ewelamb) were
born March 26th.
One ram lamb (Charolais) very
obviously inherited ALL the best
qualities of both parents...what a
tank! He is SUPERB, except just a
touch short in body length. He will be
retained here on the farm.
The other ram lamb ("Percy") is  
"merely excellent."
The ewelamb from this breeding (if
her leg muscling is anything like her
dam's) may be the most perfectly  
formed and proportioned lamb ever to
be born on this farm. She is truly
world class!
There are 30 AI sires in the  ancestry
of this breeding, and among them are
four which are considered among the
best Iceland has ever produced.        
The eyemuscle measurement  of their
sire, Angus, is unusual in that at 8
months of age his backmuscling was
thicker (40mm) than most AI sires
used for semen collection in Iceland
possess (36mm) at 18 months!!  (See
Angus's amazing back muscling
All three of these lambs seem to  
have inherited superb muscling, and
Charolais's eyemuscling at 5 1/2
months of age (38mm) seems to be
already approaching his father
Both lambs to remain here on the farm
"Charolais" (Not for sale)
"Perky" (Not for sale)
"Percy" $750 (Sold)
  The ram with black patches over his eyes is very well built overall, like
his great great grandsire "Mjaldursson," the white ram pictured on the title
page to this website, only this lamb seems to be even more stocky in
build. This distant line-breeding was done specifically with the hope at
least one of the lambs would be so well built. Lucky for me...they BOTH
were! The ewe has an especially good conformation and good overall
muscling as well, with exceptional back muscling. This breeding was also
done to preserve the exceptional fineness of the wool of Peli, a great
  The quality level of these two lambs if they were to be sold demands a
price of $850 for the ramlamb, and $900 for the ewe, but they will be
staying here on the farm.
Angus at 4 1/2 months