2017 Pre-Lambing Reservation List, Page 2
Tyrgirl/Full Throttle:
Lambs will be 58% AI,
and have 14 AI sires in
their family history,
Including: Tyr, Throttur,
Hunn, Kani, Molur,
Blaevar, Leki, Bambi,
Laekur, Garpur, Spakur,
Kjalvar, Bjalki.
Due Date: 5/24/2017
[Note: we need to keep
one ewelamb from this
Lambs will be 55%
AI, and have 30 different AI
sires in their family
pedigree. The AI sires with
the highest percentages
include: Blettur, Dreitill,
Blackidottir/Green Ears:
Lambs will be 53% AI, with
25 different AI sires, those
with the highest
percentages being Raftur,
Haengur, Kani, and Thettir,
with others such as Laekur,
Grani, Garpur, Vinur, Svadi,
Deli, Valur, etc. Last years
lambs were superb!
Due Date: 5/03/2017 This
years lambs (triplets) were
just as excellent as last
years! Truly exceptional!
Peace/Caesar: Lambs will be 58%
AI, with an amazing
43 AI sires in
their bloodline! Peace herself has
many unusual or rare AI sires, the
major ones being Kari & Faldur.  
Caesar's Major AI sires are Raftur
and Visir. We have great
expectations with this breeding!
Remember excellence can be
greatly enhanced the more AI
sires are in the lamb's
background. 43 AI sires is truly an
amazing thing! Read
"Why Many
AI Sires?"
Due Date: 5/23/2017 (Twins born)
Kveikur, Raftur, Visir, and
Dropi, which are all among
Iceland's most exceptional
sires, but there are 24
other AI sires in their
background as well,
including Kani, Nokkvi,
Thettir, Molur, Hnykill, Heli,
Keli, Garpur, Gari, Prudur
(94-834) and many more.
This particular pairing has
the potential of producing
lambs with truly
exceptional muscling and
wool quality.
Due Date: ??
(No pregnancy )
Ewelamb on left- $700 (SOLD).  Ewelamb in center-$850 (SOLD)  Ewelamb
on right is staying here
on the farm.
Ewelamb-$600-Sold                       Ramlamb...to "meatcamp"
                                        because his horns turn in severely.
Left: ewelamb, "Harmony" - staying on the farm,      Right: ramlamb- $700.00 (SOLD)