2018 Breeding Ewes
"Galadriel," NMI-874E, homozygous white, horned, triplet. Born May 2, 2017. Sire,
"Green Ears," KTB-702C, dam, "Blackidottir," NMI-577A. 53% AI, with 25 different
AI sires, those with the highest percentages being
Raftur, Haengur, Kani, Visir
and Thettir
, with others such as Laekur, Grani, Garpur, Vinur, Svadi, Deli, Horvi,
Valur, Sekkur, Aboti, Lodi, Gari, etc.
       All three Blackidottir triplets showed exceptional growth rates, especially
considering they were triplets! 85, 94, and 95 lbs. at 5 1/2 months! Blackidottir
has to be an exceptional milker to accomplish that!
       Galadriel is very evenly built and very muscular. Broad, flat shoulders, broad
back, a well muscled rump, very wide and muscular chest with a thin fat layer,
exceptional horns and thick, fine wool!
       Galdriel's conformation statistics match up very well especially when
considering she is a
triplet ewe-lamb being compared against the averages of
ramlambs in Iceland that have been selected from among the nation's best in
order to farm their semen. At 85 centimeters, her chest is larger than the average
(82.5cm) for those best AI ram lambs used for improving the national flock of
Iceland, and her weight is spot-on when compared to those ram lambs. Her leg
muscling is excellent, and her back muscling was 31mm, which is better than the
AI lambs in Iceland (27.6mm)
which are chosen for semen collection purposes.      
Pretty good for a triplet ewelamb!!
Animals bought off this farm are usually heavier and more muscular than is usual
for this breed, and I attribute that to the excellent soils which produce verdant
forage, the careful selection and constant input of superior genetics, and severe
culling, leaving only the best of the best for breeding purposes.
       Galadriel was bred to Sir Galahad for lambs to be born in June 2018. Both
Galahad and Galadriel have unusually consistent and well muscled conformations,
wide chests, broad backs, and fine wool.  Their lambs will have 37 different AI
sires in their background and 48% AI genetics. In addition to the AI sires listed at
the top of the page, Sir Galahad will add Peli, Naggur, Mjaldur, Stubbur, Dropi,
Nokkvi, Keli, Flotti, Butur, Ari, Kokkur, Hnykkur, Hunn, Moli, Heli, Hnykill, Tuli &
others to the mix.
Twin white rams born (one born dead) 6/9/18. The surviving
ramlamb is going to be excellent!! Very broad, very well muscled, very good and
correct horns, very fast growth rate!!

 Galadriel is for sale: Price $850. (Am closing down the flock in 2018)
     View Galadriel's pedigree here: