2018 Lamblist
Dierdre and Charolais: Incredible heavy muscling potential. These two individuals were
specifically developed and then bred together for the purpose of bringing forth lambs
that should be among the best available anywhere in the world of this breed. In the
background of the lambs that result from this breeding are
8 of the most muscular
Icelandic rams to be found in Iceland's history!

    The lambs will be 52% AI, and have an incredible
44 different AI sires in their
geneology!! (Why does this contribute to high quality?
Blettur, Dropi and Kviekur have the greatest presence, along with Rektor, Morro, Molur,
Stubbur, Udi, Grimur, Dreitill, Kari,
Raftur, Visir, Mjaldur, Grani, Lodi, Sekkur, Bramli, Aboti,
Gari, Laekur, Hunn, Keli, Pristur, Foli, Galsi, Garpur, and many others.  
    Note that Charolais himself carries the genetics of what the Icelanders consider as
four of the best rams in Iceland's history: Garpur, Laekur, Raftur, and Visir, and a clue
to his muscle-making potential is to be seen in the muscling of his sire, ANGUS, whose
back muscling of 40mm at only
8 months of age was greater than the calculated
average of Iceland's finest rams chosen for AI service.
(See Angus' back muscling!)
  Unfortunately Charolais died in a freak accident. I took that opportunity to physically
measure his back muscling and (at 9 1/2 months of age)
his loin eyemuscling was an
astounding 51mm!!!
This is an unheard of measurement!! (The normal average for
Iceland's finest MATURE rams is only 36mm, and
that is at 18 months!!)
      The lambs out of Charolais and Dierdre are likely to be incredible and among the
best in the world of this breed!
See Charolais' backmuscling.
    They will likely be white in pattern, with a base color of black (heterozygous white)
At least one lamb from this pairing is reserved.
Galadriel and Sir Galahad:
 Potential for conformational perfection! 48% AI with the bloodlines of
37 different AI
in their genetics! The diverse group of AI sires brought together with this breeding
have one thing in common, near perfection in conformational proportions and thick heavy
Raftur, Haengur, Kani, Visir and Thettir have the greatest presence, with others
such as Laekur, Grani, Garpur, Vinur, Svadi, Deli, Horvi, Valur, Sekkur, Aboti, Lodi, Gari,
Peli, Naggur, Mjaldur, Stubbur, Dropi, Nokkvi, Keli, Flotti, Butur, Ari, Kokkur, Hnykkur,  
Hunn, Moli, Heli, Hnykill, and Tuli as well as others combine their superb genetics to
create among the world's finest examples of this breed. Birth date will be in June.
      At least one lamb from this pairing is reserved.
Perkie and Sir Galahad:
 Unusual balance of excellence in muscling and conformation in both of these
lambs. The lambs that result from this breeding will be 46% AI, and have
41 different
AI sires
in their background, including: Garpur, Hunn, Tuli, Visir, Raftur, Lodi, Bramli,
Sekkur, Pristur, Foli, Galsi, Laekur, Foli, Flotti, Butur,  Prudur (#94-834), Flotti, Moli
(93-986), Aboti, Gari and
many others which will lend their genetic excellence to this
breeding. Why is many AI sires an advantage?
     The lambs are likely to be heterozygous white, carrying black.
      At least one lamb from this pairing is reserved.
Peace and Prudy: Lambs will be 50% AI with 27 AI sires. Pruder, Flotti,
Bessi, Prestur, & Morro having the highest percentages. Both of these
individuals are well muscled and the genetics are somewhat scarce and
not closely related to most other lines.
      Birth date will be around May 24th. Lambs will likely be white or
black/grey, although moorit/grey is a possibility.
      At least one lamb from this pairing is reserved.