2018 Breeding Ewes
  "Bessie," NMI-881E. Black-grey, Twin. 42% AI, 23 AI sires in
her geneology, a few of which are: Peli, Ari, Mjaldur, Thettir,
Stubbur, Heli, Tuli, Visir,Hnykill, Nokkvi, etc. Why are many AI
ancestors beneficial?
  "Bessie" is the result of a very distant line breeding to try to
preserve and unite the Thettir/Mjaldur/Ragnar and
Thettir/Naggur/Peli lines, hoping the various attributes of the AI
sires I knew were in the background of the parents of this lamb
would be expressed. One aspect was especially heavy leg
muscling which both Blocky and Susan's ancestor Thettir from 5
generations back was famous for.   (Thettir had an amazing 19
leg score, which I believe only five other AI sires have been
rated at in the last 25 years! Another of Bessie's ancestors,
Mjaldur the son of Thettir had a 41mm eyemuscle measurement,
which Hrutaskra the catalog of AI sires called "amazing!" These
are just two of the reasons my expectations out of this breeding
were very high.)
   This breeding was indeed very successful, as the excellent
broad conformation, heavy muscling, and fine wool all were
expressed in Bessie and her brother "Sir Galahad."
   Even though Bessie is a ewe lamb, her size, conformation,
and muscling almost equal the finest
ramlambs in Iceland.
At five months of age, her chest measured 81 cm. (Iceland's AI
ram lambs chests average 82.5cm),
her weight was 92 lbs.,
(Iceland's rams average 98.9 lbs.),
and her eyemuscling was an
excellent 31mm,
as opposed to only 27.6 mm for the average
ramlamb chosen for duty in Iceland's semen collection
facilities, where the finest of Iceland's rams end up in order to
produce semen to be distributed around Iceland to improve the
national flock.  
     All in all, she is an extremely well built ewe.
     Bessie is for sale because we are closing down the flock in
2018. Price is $750.
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