2018 Breeding Ewes
"Kat-taille" KTB-929E. Moorit-grey, twin, DOB, 4/23/17. Sire; Kat-Boy
KTB-816D, dam; Shantelle, KTB-703C.
70% AI with 29 different AI sires
in her background.
   The AI sires with the greatest presence include
Myrkvi, Throttur, Mango,
Sokki, Blettur,
and others include Moli, Morro, Bambi, Spakur, Keli, Karkur,
Molur, Svadi, Horvi, Eldar, and 14 others.
   Kat-taille has a beautiful well proportioned long body with a deep chest,
very good back muscling, straight legs with
much thicker muscling than is
normal, excellent feet, correct horns, especially thick and fine wool which
shears easily and with no lanolin build up. She is particularly curious,
trusting and affectionate with her shepherd, and very observant.
   We are not likely to breed her this year to let her grow out to her
maximum potential.

                    She is for sale: $750.00 (Am closing down the flock in 2018)

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