2018 Breeding Ewes
     "Perkie." NMI-876E. Horned ewe,homozygous white, triplet. DOB 3/26/17.  
Sire: "Angus," dam: "Tuligirl." 50% AI, 31 AI sires, including Garpur, Hunn,
Tuli, Visir, Raftur, Lodi, Bramli, Sekkur, Pristur, Foli, Galsi, Laekur, Foli, Flotti,
Butur, and many others.
      This was an inbreeding to preserve the very best attributes of the
Mjaldur, and Raftur
lines who all were particularly well built and heavily
muscled. The breeding was highly successful, the conformations of the
resulting triplets were excellent, and the muscling on all three was
exceptional. Chests on all three triplets were very wide, deep and heavily
muscled, and much bigger in circumference than the norm.
Perkie is built like a ram, and her statistics essentially equal those of the
ramlambs in Iceland used to improve the national flock by artificial
insemination, and are very close to that of those rams in other
measurements, except her back measured 17.6 cm in width compared to 19.8
cm on the ram lambs chosen for AI service, and her weight was about equal.
Except for her leg muscling, she seems to be heavily muscled like her
world-class dam
(SeeTuligirl.) but has a thinner fat layer than her dam.  
      Icelandic ewes from
Icelandics North tend to be larger than the norm.
The usual ewe in Iceland is generally 120-135 lbs. The ewes from
generally range from 150 to 190 lbs. probably due to excellent
genetics, rich soils which grow high quality forage, low parasite infestation
because of long pasture rotation intervals (sheep are rotated through the
pastures, only staying on each pasture for no more than 5 days, and it is
usually 72-105 days before they are back at their starting point, giving most
parasites the length of time needed to die off.)
       The last big factor that lends to size in our animals is that we cull
severely; only the finest animals remain.     
       Perkie is very broad all over, with a very evenly proportioned and
unusually perfect conformation, excellent fully rounded and broad shoulders,
broad heavily muscled back with an eyemuscle
score of about 4 1/2 out of a
possible "5," and an eyemuscle measurement of 32mm
, which is amazing for
a 5 month old ewe!
       Perkie has a very broad and well rounded rump and
good leg muscling.
Her brother "Charolais" was even bigger and more heavily muscled.  "Charo
lais" seems to have the thickest eyemuscling of any Icelandic in the world
today. At only 9 1/2 months of age, his back
(eye) muscling was an unheard
of 51mm!!! The best rams in Iceland used to improve the nation's flock
generally don't exceed 43mm at 18 months of age!!
       Her wool is also exceptionally thick and soft. She was without a doubt
our best ewelamb of the year.
       If we breed her this fall, she will be bred to "Sir Galahad"  who has a
particularly good conformation, body harmony, and excellent muscling.
      Galahad bred to Perkie should yield exceptional lambs who would be
46% AI, with 41 AI Sires in their background, potentially have world
class thick muscling, excellent conformations, and very low fat content.
      See Perkie's pedigree