2018 Breeding ewes
Ebony: NMI-869D, #727751-H. Black, horned, triplet.
 Sire: Green Ears, KTB 702C; Dam: Grace, NMI-961W.
 48% AI, 19 AI Sires. (
Eldar, & Raftur are the major AI sires, with  
Bambi,Grani, Mjaldur, Lodi, Blaevar, and 12 others also).
 Very good conformation...straight back with very good muscling
(eyemuscle shape is about a 4 1/2 to 5); like her sire, has an especially
well rounded, broad, and well muscled rump with well muscled legs.
Nicely rounded square shoulders, broad, square chest nicely filled with
   Lots of thick, soft wool. Perky personality. Very trusting and
attentive to the shepherd. Excellent feet.
Fat content: seems to be especially lean.
   We are waiting until fall of 2017 to breed her for spring 2018 lambs,
to allow her to develop out of her especially perky  preteen-like
2017 Pre-lambing Reservation List
2016 Pre-lambing Reservation List
Ebony at 1 year