2018 Breeding rams
"Sir Galahad" NMI-880E, black spotted, horned, twin. Sire "Blocky,"
Dam "Black-eyed Susan." 42% AI, with 22 AI ancestors, among whom
Peli, Naggur, Mjaldur, Thettir, Stubbur, Dropi, Nokkvi, Keli, Flotti,
Butur, Ari, Kokkur, Hnykkur, Haengur, Garpur, Grani, Hunn, Moli, Visir,
Heli, Hnykill, and Tuli.
Exceptionally well formed, compact & very well balanced with regard
to body part harmony, with all the body parts being structured just how
you would want them (exceptionally wide and well rounded shoulders,
much more deep, powerful and broad chest than is normal with almost
no fat, good back, very short and thick neck, wide and well muscled
rump which is as wide as his shoulders, thick leg muscling and good
body length.)
This was a very distant line breeding to try to preserve and unite the
Thettir/Mjaldur/Ragnar and Thettir/Naggur/Peli lines, hoping the various
attributes of the AI sires I knew were in the background of the parents
of this lamb would be expressed. One aspect was especially heavy leg
muscling which both Blocky and Susan's ancestor Thettir from five
generations back was famous for.   (Thettir had an amazing 19 leg
score, which I believe only five other AI sires have been rated at in the
last 25 years!)
His wool is very fine, as you would expect from a descendant of the AI
sire Peli, whose wool was exceptional.
At this point Galahad seems to be growing out even beyond the hopes I
had from this breeding.  I only wish his horns are wider, but that
should be corrected by breeding Galahad to
Galadriel, which should
not only yield lambs with wide horns , but also reinforce the
expression of the exceptional genetics of every sort which both of
these animals carry. I expect the lambs from this breeding will be
among the best ever produced from this farm in the last 20 years.
Both Galahad and Galadriel have exceptional conformations; unusually
consistent and very well muscled, as well as very wide chests, broad
heavily muscled backs, and fine wool.  Their lambs will have 37
different AI sires in their background and 48% AI genetics. In addition
to the AI sires listed at the top of the page in Galahad's genetics,
Galadriel will add Raftur, Lodi, Sekkur, Sjodur, Svadi, Valur, Horvi,
Aboti, & others to the mix.
     See Sir Galahad's pedigree
Sir Galahad at 3 1/2 months