Evaluation, Adults, page 2
NMI-428P  Tolkis, 1 1/2 years
BLW-607N Mjaldursson, 2 1/2
NMI-429P Puffin, 1 1/2 yrs.
AI Sires 1 1/2 year Average Measurement Standard

Pungi      Brjm          Spjald               Fotl                Omv     /     fita     /    lag
(weight)   (chest)     (back broad)   (canon bone)       (eyemus.)/(backfat)/(shape)
86.06Kg    105.2cm    25.2cm         117.5mm                36mm    /    5mm    /   4
(189.6 lbs.)                                                                                                         
The AI Sire RAMLAMB "Standard"
44.9Kg   82.5cm    19.8cm       109.6mm      27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
Tolkis as a lamb:
53.2Kg    94.6cm     18.2cm        113mm        ?/approx 4mm/ 4
(117 lbs.)
The AI Sire 1 1/2 yr. "Standard."
86.06Kg    105.2cm    25.2cm       117.5mm       36mm/ 5mm / 4
Tolkis at 1 1/2 years:
97Kg     119.4cm    24.1cm        120mm          42mm/2.5mm/4
(213.4 lbs)
Unfortunately, I never took Mjaldursson's measurements
as a lamb., so instead, I have published his 1 1/2 year stats
which were really good...not overly impressive, but his
growth rate until recently was slow and steady.  It is just the
last 6 months that his growth rate has become very
pronounced.  Also I have published his stupendous 2 1/2
year stats so you can see what a difference a year can
make, even as an adult.
The 1  1/2 year "Standard:"
86.06Kg   105.2cm   25.2cm     117.5mm      36mm/ 5mm / 4
Mjaldursson at 1 1/2 years:
77Kg      103cm      21.1cm      122mm            ? /  4mm  / 4
(170 lbs.)
Mjaldursson at
2 1/2 years:
85.5Kg     115cm      25.1cm      124mm        34mm/<2mm/ 4
   "What's this?" You ask.  This is a ewe!  Yup...right on!  Puffin's
stats are better than many of Iceland's AI sires.  So, just to give you
an idea as to what is possible, and a goal to shoot for, I thought I'd
put her in here
for your consideration.  Her growth rate was only moderately fast as
a lamb, probably because her dam was a ewelamb that had twins her
first time out (Vag. AI) and it takes a few years for a ewe's milk
production to really develop.  Puffin's overall development,
conformation, and muscling is nothing less than amazing!!  Her sire
is Rektor, who has the unusually deep (42mm) eyemuscle depth,
which he obviously passed on to her,  but unlike her sire, Puffin has
GREAT shoulder and chest measurements.    Her 40mm loin
eyemuscle depth is scarcely found even in Iceland's finest AI sires,
and she has a LOT LESS fat than most of the finest animals in
Iceland!!  Puffin is a truely superb individual!

The AI Sire RAMLAMB "standard" at 5 months.
44.9Kg      82.5cm      19.8cm     109.6mm        27.6mm/ 3mm / 3.7
Puffin as a LAMB: (4 1/2 months)
33.6Kg      74.3cm      15cm        102mm            ?   / about 3mm/   5
(74 lbs.)
The AI  1 1/2 year ADULT  RAM "standard"
86.06Kg    105.2cm    25.2cm      117.5mm            36mm  /  5mm  /  4
(189.6 lbs.)
Puffin at 1 1/2 years:
68.2Kg      106.2cm    22.2cm      120mm               40mm  /  2mm  /  4
(150 lbs.)

Tolkis' measurements need to be put in context.  They were so overwhelmingly outstanding that I searched
through five years of Iceland's AI sire catalogs to find the measurements of the BEST OF THE BEST.  
Only 3 AI sires even came
close...and Tolkis outclassed them ALL!  Massi (95-841) {chest 116cm, loin
40mm, backfat 5mm}, Bjargvaettur (97-869) {chest 116cm, loin 36mm, backfat 5mm}, and Heangur (98-848)
{chest 118cm, loin 37mm, backfat 13mm
-(WAY too much fat!)}
                    Tolkis: chest 119.4cm, loin 42mm, backfat  2.5mm (really , really LEAN!).
Other famous rams in Iceland that Tolkis outclassed included even some that are considered as being in the
top ten of Iceland's all-time greats, namely Moli (93-986), and Laekur (97-843). As well as Mjaldur, Thettir,
etc. etc.  I knew my methods would work...I just didn't expect them to work so well!
It should be noted that what is REALLY important, is how good the ram's OFFSPRING are.  A ram's stats
could be great, but if he throws lots of lambs of varying quality (like Bambi did),  or daughters that aren't
good milkers or not especially motherly, then the ram has little value.  Tolkis threw consistently good lambs.