How DoYour
Animals Compare?
Page 2, EWES
A normal unimproved
ewe. Note the lack of
meatiness in the rump
and legs, and the
narrowness in the hips.
A good ewe with
respectable meat
characteristics.  Notice her
hips are wider, and her leg
muscling thicker with
muscle nicely filling the
crotch.  Loin eyemuscle
shape is great! (Score is a
"5"). (Apply this standard
to ewes 1 1/2 years and
older, NOT to ewelambs!!)
A world class ewe. Great
rump muscling.  Deep &
leg muscling that goes
far down the leg.  Could
this be what the elusive
leg score of "20" looks
like? This is our own
"Tuligirl" at Icelandics
An unacceptably thin
neck on a ewe, however,
the shoulders have nice
A decent neck that
transitions smoothly
into her shoulders
Three unimproved backs, narrow &
lacking muscle.
A fully muscled back on a superb Stora
Armott ewe.  She also has superb meaty
broad shoulders, wide hips, and a fully
muscled rump.
Note rump is
slightly broader than her
Fully muscled rump and legs,
wide shoulders-altho still a wee bit
narrow, but nonetheless very good
because the shoulder blades are not
peaked or sharp and are nicely filled in
and rounded with muscle.  Back
muscling appears to be an excellent
shape score of "5".
Narrow, high peaked
lacking muscle.
The above ewe was our own "Elen."
Note her full rump muscling, and
her shoulders which are wider than
the excellent Stora Armott ewe to
the right which is helpful for
increased lung capacity. (Elen's back
muscling will fill in again after she
has weaned her lamb.)