How do your Animals Compare? Page 3
Narrow rib cage,
stance, and shoulders
of a ewe on a
well-known farm in
The minimum  
acceptable stance and
breast bone shape with
decent muscling on the
chest of a ewe from
that same farm in
Iceland, though
conformation is still
somewhat narrow for
meat purposes.
A very good chest. Wide,
fully muscled.  (Will have
a better picture after she
is sheared!) At 105cm,
her chest is equal to
some of the rams in the
AI stations in Iceland.  
This is our own "
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In the picture above is a genetically inferior
ewe (unimproved), not starved, not parasite
laden, displaying the conformation typical of
the sheep in Iceland over the twelve centuries
of Iceland's history. Narrow, high peaked
shoulders & hips, poor eye muscle shape, with
pathetically undermuscled thighs and rump.
Roughly equivalent to the average quality
North American ewe in 2003.  Needs more
breadth in shoulders and hips, & her back is
generally undermuscled, showing the spinal
process (loin eye muscling score is about a "3").
A reasonably well-muscled ewe in her back and
legs. Her shoulders are somewhat narrow, her
chest could be deeper, and she needs more
muscle in her rump (which is the area from her
tail level to the points of her upper hip bones.)
The ewe's rump to the left of her has more
The superb ewes of Stora Armott, Iceland.  These ewes are not fat, but are well muscled.  Note
the deep chest, the muscling nicely filling the area in the crotch under their tail, the perfect backs,
and the well muscled rumps. Also, their shoulders and chest are well balanced (just slightly
narrower width-wise) with their hips. Although the muscling in their legs is good, one could hope
for even a little more thickness & roundness in  the thigh muscling.
Compare with our own
"Tuligirl's muscling on the previous page.
How Do Your Animals Compare?  Page 4, RAMS
An unacceptible chest.
Leg stance is wide,
but  structure of the
breast bone is far too
and the muscling is in-
adequate. Correctible
for future generations
by breeding to a ram
with a wide, fully
muscled chest.
A very good ewe on our farm; improved with
AI genetics from Iceland. This is a daughter of
AI sire MOLUR, carefully fed to be in top
condition for lambing.  Excellent back and leg
muscling.  Altho it is broad and well muscled,
her chest could be a little deeper.