Welcome to the home page of
(formerly Northern Maine Icelandics)
home of high quality purebred
one of the most hardy and useful
breeds of sheep in the world today.
This highly intelligent, interactive
breed is known for it's colorful wool,
tender fine flavored meat, easy
lambing, fast growth, and
excellent dairy capabilities.
Since 1998, Icelandics North
has specialized in offering among the very best
of the icelandic breed, and is one of a select
handful of breeders that offer the very best
available in North America.
Trained in Iceland in the Icelandic method of  
evaluating for the finest examples of this breed,
we at times have used semen from Iceland's
finest rams in a state of the art Vaginal AI
procedure developed by  research scientist and
Thorstein Olafsson, PHD.
As far as we know, Icelandics North is  
only one of two Icelandic sheep breeders
in North America that use ultrasound
technology to precisely measure the
thickness of the
back muscling of this breed. Icelandics
North is also one of
only two breeders in North America that
remains who was taught how to
measure & evaluate the Icelandic sheep
and actually puts that knowledge to use,
allowing an accuracy based assessment
of the true quality of the sheep at
Icelandics North, and can compare them
directly to the finest in Iceland, unlike
other farms that can only speak out of
emotion or opinion, and likely have a
higher opinion of the quality of their
sheep than they should!!
The use of semen from the finest rams in Iceland,
coupled with the application of precise selection
methods employing
ultrasound technology
and the knowledgeable use of other aspects of
breeding and animal husbandry has given our
shepherd the distinction of having produced an
Icelandic ram with the
greatest statistical measurements known
anywhere in the world in the last fourteen years,
as well as
possibly the worlds meatiest Icelandic
EWE! Her
leg muscling is incredible--putting even the Texel
rams advertised in the sheep industry magazines
to shame!
we specifically breed for world-class meat
conformation, with heavy muscling and  as little
fat as possible, but without ignoring wool quality,  
mothering, or milking abilities.
Feel free to contact us at our e-mail
address or call us at  
(207)768-7113, or (207) 425-7113

I have rebuilt this website with new pictures in
the"How do Your Animals Compare" pages, as
well as the  "Breeding Ewes" and "Breeding
Rams" sections, with descriptions of who was bred
to whom this winter; and of course we will be
publishing pictures, descriptions and prices of the
lambs as they arrive mid April into June. Visit
often and see pictures of the new lambs!
Also note that I gave up my scrapie enrollment in
2012 after I had a heart attack because I decided
to slowly reduce the flock little by little through
attrition until there were none left, but much to
my surprise I recovered enough to be enthusiastic
again about the sheep and continued selecting and
breeding animals with the goal of being among a
handful of the best breeders in North America..
The consequence of giving up my scrapie status is
to flocks that are enrolled in the
"voluntary scrapie program,"
in order
to not affect your scrapie status,
I can
only sell RAMS.
 Aphis does allow rams to
be sold without the scrapie status of the flock
being affected. But to flocks NOT in the voluntary
scrapie program, I can sell
both rams and ewes.

If you are a history buff, you may be aware of the
fact that our nation's first president, George
Washington who was also a sheep breeder, advised
those who wanted to improve the quality of their
flock QUICKLY and effect the most profound
change for excellence, that
they should buy a
superb RAM!
 Good advice that I have followed
Contact Info:
Gary J. Holcombe, shepherd
Breeding Rams
Breeding Ewes