"Caesar II." Sire NMI-877E "Charolais," dam  ICE-11D
White, single, born 05/09/18. 52% Ai, with an amazing 44
DIFFERENT Ai sires in his background!! The most recent
being Blettur, Dropi, Kveikur and Raftur.
     Why is many Ai sires in the family tree a beneficial
Go here
     Caesar is the only son of Charolais, who was possibly
the most heavily muscled Icelandic ram in the
(Read and see why I say that!)
     Like his incredible sire and also his granddam Tuligirl,
Caesar is
very lean, very broad and well muscled, though
not as heavily muscled as his incredible sire. Back
muscling shape in the Icelandic scoring system ranges
from a very poor "1" to a perfect "5." Both of Caesar's
parents scored an amazing better-than-perfect (bulging) "5
1/2." Caesar's back muscling is merely a perfect "5." Very
soft wool of medium volume.

       In this picture Caesar is about three months old, and
has had his belly and neck sheared to fight the ultra humid
and excessively warm conditions we encountered this

     "Peacenik". Sire KTB-901E "Prudy," Dam
NMI-865D "Peace." White, twin.
     50% Ai, 27 Ai sires in her background,
including Prudur, Flotti, Bessie, Prestur, Morro,
and many others.
     Rapid growth, good conformation: chest,
shoulders, back and rump. She seems to have
inherited the genetics from her grandsire for the
rapid growth of an extraordinary set of horns!
(See Cato)  
     Born 05/23/18.
     $800.00 (Reserved).
     Pedigree applied for.
NMI-865D "Peace." Sire JWT-23A "Cato," dam
FAV-7B "Cassie." Moorit/grey, twin. Born 5/2/2016.
32% Ai, with 22 Ai sires in her family history,
including Prestur, Morro, Austri, Kari, Sveppur and
Faith had twins as a one-winter ewelamb,
and twins again in this her 2nd year. A very good
milker who promotes very rapid growth in her
lambs. Peace is of a more normal conformation, but
nevertheless at 18 months was larger and heavier
than the usual ewe, and birthed both years with
absolutely no help from the shepherd.
Wool is of moderate fineness. Muscling is about
normal. Her combination of rare bloodlines are not
likely to be duplicated ever again.
(Reserved-AJB)    Read her web description
See her pedigree
NMI-74E "Galadriel." Sire KTB 702C "Green Ears," Dam
NMI-577A "Blackiedottir." Homozygous white, triplet. Born
5/2/2017. 53% Ai, with 25 Ai sires. (Raftur, Haengur, Kani,
Thettir, Visir and many others.)
     Very good conformation and muscling, good mothering
skills. Very well balanced ewe that even though she is a
triplet, had better conformation statistics than the
ramlambs of Iceland selected for semen collection when
evaluated at the same age.
     She is shown here at only 12 months of age, and is
larger and more broad when compared to most ewes at this
age. She will be much broader and even more muscular
when mature at 3 years, given who her ancestors are!
     $850.00 (Reserved for $550.)

     See her
     KTB-929E "Kat-taille." Sire "Katboy"
KTB-816D, dam, "Shantelle" KTB-703C. 70% Ai, 29
Ai sires. Ai sires include Myrkvi, Throttur, Mango,
Sokki, & Blettur. Homozygous moorit/grey, twin.
     This ewe, a granddaughter of the Ai sire
"Myrkvi" is more regular in her conformation
characteristics, but has exceptional leg muscling
and much cleaner/softer wool than normal.
     Myrkvi is a very rare line and other than
Kattaille's dam Shantelle, there are only five
other offspring of Myrkvi in North America (as of
     Very intelligent, friendly and observant. $750.
(Reserved-AJB) In this picture, Kat-taille is 14
     Read her web description

     See her pedigree
NMI-881E "Bessie." Sire LF-704C "Blocky," Dam LF-654A
"Black-eyed Susan." Black/grey, twin. 43% Ai, 23 Ai sires in
her geneology, the major ones being Peli, Ari, Mjaldur,
Thettir, Visir, and many others.
 Her conformation is
very broad and she is exceptionally
muscular. Should prove to be a very capable mother. From
the line of Iceland's AI sire "Peli," a scarce Ai line that was
known for  exceptionally fine wool. Bessie is also out of the
Thettir, Mjaldur and Visir lines which are famous for heavy

$750.00 (Reserved-AJB)

Read her web description

See her pedigree
"SPOTiferous Rex" @ 9 weeks
   "SPOT/iferous Rex." Sire NMI-880E "Sir Galahad," dam NMI-74E
"Galadriel." Heterozygous white/spotted black, twin. 48% Ai with
37 Ai sires in this lambs background, some of which are among the
most muscular rams in Icelands history and who exerted the most
influence ever on the overall quality of the Icelandic national herd.
These include Raftur, Laekur, Garpur, Visir, Lodi, Moli, Thettir, and
many others.
   Very fast growth rate, very deep & broad chest and broad body,
wide muscular rump, moderate back muscling (score "3") and good
leg muscling, all of which generally means the lamb will be very
well muscled as an adult.
   Very friendly, with a calm and gentle disposition, but well able
to defend himself against the more aggressive lambs. Very thick,
exceptionally soft wool.
Both sire and dam have nearly ideal conformations, and this lamb
has obviously inherited all of their good characteristics.
    Why is many Ai Sires a good thing?
Click here.
Normal price $750.00...make an offer. (Remember there is a
discount on purchase of four or more animals.)
     "Beatnik." Sire KTB-901E "Prudy," dam NMI-865D
"Peace." Black/grey, twin. 50% Ai, with 27 Ai sires in
his background. Prudur, Flotti, Bessie, Prestur and
Morro having the highest percentages.
     Very fast growth rate, good and evenly balanced
and broad conformation, good back (score of "4") and  
full rump muscling, soft wool.
Normally $600. ($400. Or make an offer. Discount on the
purchase of four or more animals.)